Migration Matters

Originally posted on University of Sheffield Bloggers:
There are some conversations that you do not want to overhear. The bile was already rising in my throat as the train commuter opposite verbally dissected a female friend for his mates’ enjoyment. As he crescendoed into pitiful excuses over why our tiny island has “no room for…

Sober Students

When someone thinks about the role of the student and a ‘typical’ student lifestyle it has become accepted that an image is formed of a young adult intoxicated with alcohol. This topic of British student lifestyles has been one discussion point of the Culture Compass meetings. Differentiating from the ‘normal’ student I have a somewhat … More Sober Students

Sorry, Not Sorry

After travelling over the past two years, it is clear that British culture has had a great impact on my personality. I have often faced the cliché scenario of apologizing for saying sorry too much. After attending Culture Compass, I realized it is likely to be because Brits tend to use apologizing as a way … More Sorry, Not Sorry

Moving here.

From a rural community in the valleys of south Wales to the cosmopolitan city life of Sheffield, culture shock is not something that I have experienced throughout my three years at Sheffield University and adjusting to a different lifestyle has been a reward rather than challenge. I moved to Sheffield almost three years ago, about … More Moving here.

Applications now open for Study China Easter programme (England and Northern Ireland)

The Easter vacation might seem a long time away, but here is an opportunity for students from UK/EU/EEA who are studying full time degree programmes in the England or Northern Ireland. Applications are now open so it might be worth putting down that mince pie and putting pen to paper as this looks like an … More Applications now open for Study China Easter programme (England and Northern Ireland)